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About our Mission


In order to keep our aircraft in the air serving the Lord, one of the main responsibilities I have is preventive and routine maintenance.  Unlike a car, obviously we cannot just “pull over” when there is problem.  The FAA requires us to keep the aircraft in excellent working order.   Because MFI aircraft fly over 1400 hours a year, at least 80% of my time is spent inspecting and servicing our fleet of DC3’s and smaller aircraft.  One of the highlights to working in Fort Pierce is the interaction with the community.  We usually have several aspiring missionary pilot volunteers that come by every year that we can mentor.

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Pilot/Mechanic Responsibilities:

    • Weekly Pre-departure Inspections
    • 50 hour Airframe Progressive Sequence Inspections
    • 100 hour Engine Inspections
    • Investigating Flight discrepencies
    • Galley servicing/cleaning
    • Restroom servicing/cleaning
    • Aircraft Loading
    • Occasional after hours and off-field repairs
    • Weekly turbine-compresser rinses
    • Fueling for the next flight


    • Average of 1400 flight hours/year
    • 182 flights/year
    • 3.5 flights/week
    • Approximately 4 hours maintenance per flight hour

Flying is an exciting part of our ministry where all the efforts come together. All the mail, cargo, relief supplies, work teams, and missionaries start their journey depending on us to be the lifeline that will keep them supplied miles from home.  On the flight, we are able to visit some with the missionaries and hear exciting stories how God is working in their ministry. It is encouraging to have a part in helping them reach the lost in the West Indies.


    • Preflight inspection (weather, flight/fuel planning, weight and balance, aircraft preflight)
    • Passenger briefing/prayer
    • Cabin-attendant
    • Accountant (paying for off-field fuel, customs,etc.)
    • Flight plan filing
    • International paperwork (customs/immigration, cargo, mail)
    • Load-master
    • Off-field Maintenance
    • Security
    • Aircraft servicing/cleaning
    • Re-currency training
    • Medical currency
    • Emergency medical/evacuation flights
    • Disaster Relief


    • Pilots average about 400 hours/year flight time
    • Captains all hold ATP license
    • Co-pilots all hold at least Commercial license
    • All pilots hold airframe and powerplant license
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